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4 May 2020

Since a while I’ve been uploading some more music to the Bandcamp sites. Here’s what’s new: – The electro-acoustic releases are being uploaded to the…

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30 April 2018
31 August 2017

Another small update, where I’ve once again been trying to get things back on track. It’s pretty tough juggling a regular job and the amount…

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9 May 2016

After postponing almost indefinitely, the site has been updated with a new look, an updated bio (in English this time) and probably some additional links.…

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16 November 2013
18 June 2012
19 January 2012
18 January 2012
3 December 2010

…to the website of Michiel Braas, composer, sound designer and musician, won’t you? This web site is a bit empty, but (not yet) up and…

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