Current affairs

Another small update, where I’ve once again been trying to get things back on track. It’s pretty tough juggling a regular job and the amount of projects I’ve got currently running.

Current state of things as of late:

– The DS project really needs to get off the ground. Got the songs, just need a name and some stuff online.

– Few new Eelot releases are building up, amongst them piano-inspired pieces, tape pieces and a special 70’s ambient influenced “Space EP”.

– I will be doing two live drone/ambient sets [as Eelot] at the weekend of 9/10 September, during the day [inbetween 1100/1700].

– Profondo 2011 EP [“The Unwelcome Return Of”] is about to be posted, only a few cover tweaks are left. Recordings for the “leftover stuff” release are well underway with 5 songs almost fully recorded [“Riot”, “Cathode Ray Tube”, “Pop”, “Gasoline” and “Take me in the Back Seat”] and drumtracks of the next 5 [“Too Young to Die”, “Mental Case”, “Animal”, “Killer Pussycat” and “Don’t Give a Fuck”] are being recorded.

– The unnamed old school death metal project also has had it’s first recordings. Five songs are written so far, one recorded. Still haven’t got a name for it.

– The Astathica release I’ve shelved for some years now is being transferred from the original Logic 9 to a single Logic X project. To avoid doing editing as much it needs about a week’s worth of recording and editing, which I intend to take a week off for pretty soon.

– Currently on hold: Four Wives of Siam [designed a logo but recording/writing is halted], Toorn [only sketches for a new album are done], Bluthunde [guitars + partial drums are done for the new album] and all the other projects.