Site overhaul and updates

After postponing almost indefinitely, the site has been updated with a new look, an updated bio (in English this time) and probably some additional links. Be sure to look at all of it in it’s Web 2.0-ey goodness. There will most probably be new sections for both Eelot, the yet-to-be-named DS chiptune project, the yet-to-be-named-sad-electronic-music project and the Michiel Braas electro-acoustic compositions added. Probably after I’ve thought up some names for those, to be honest. But they’ll all get nice little Soundcloud and/or Bandcamp plugins.

Note that all the other projects (Astathica, Toorn, Bluthunde etc.) will get pages over at the currently still 2003-based Profondo webpage which will soon be given a whole new lick of paint as well. The exact how and when and where of this Next Big Project is unknown to even me, and will be clear in due time.