“Roses III” playing in Zeeland installation

Ever since a week or so, the third Roses study has been playing on an octaphonic (or 8-speaker in a regular language) setup for the ca-Yac.Z young artist competition. This is a competition, so there’s both a professional jury award as well as a public’s pick prize. In case you’re visiting De Zeeuwse Rozentuin – and why wouldn’t you, it’s a fantastic place to be – make sure you check it out, and if you like it, vote for it.

Roses III is the third study in the search for a sonological approach to the fenomenal beauty of the rose itself. The piece balances itself inbetween classic electro-acoustic material and some more ambient tones and clouds. The setup was designed and built by myself, and is hidden within a particularly dreamy spot in De Zeeuwse Rozentuin, to enhance the listener’s experience overall. Please do enjoy.