…to the website of Michiel Braas, composer, sound designer and musician, won’t you? This web site is a bit empty, but (not yet) up and (pretty much) coming on this very website are:
– an overview of projects, compositions, development and research
– links to various compositions
– a sound design showreel
– many, many more things you’d expect on a website, but never dared to ask about

In short: my name’s Michiel Braas, a graduate (master’s degree in Arts & Technology) at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht. As a composer, I mainly focus on electro-acoustic compositions, and writing for my bands. In my free time I usually do some actual work (read: tough, manly manual labour) to pay the bills and slob around, using various slobbing around methods like gaming (I still play N64 games from front to back), watching movies and (regardless of what my girlfriend will tell you) reading quality books.

Anyway, more to come soon.
Michiel Braas